Publié le 27-11-2013

heidi taillefer - EquivalenceAttention Heidi Taillefer fans! On Wednesday December 4th, recent pieces by Taillefer will be on display at the Terrasses Cherrier for a collective show, 3504 rue St-Hubert, 6 to 10pm. Work by Kristian Verono, Goran Hamsik, Lionel Bibuglia and Nathan Wasserbauer will also be on display.

If you’ve been living underwater and are not aware of Heidi Taillefer’s work (her piece Detritus of Devotion was on the cover of DÉCOVER #7) you need to check it out here and read her artist statement:

If when looking at the work of Heidi Taillefer you think of Salvador Dali, you’d be right…and wrong. Though her work is clearly driven by the subconscious preoccupations of a mind busily creating associations most of us would ignore, it is more akin to a generation that inspired Dali himself. Early surrealists of the 20th century, such as Max Ernst, Paul Delvaux, and Girogio deChirico, each explored a similar range of soulful meanderings and even aesthetic portrayal of clockwork constructions, either assembled by collage or painted traditionally. Taillefer’s work conveys the same multi-layered levels of meaning as she waxes nostalgic over spiritual and philosophical issues that takes her all the way to the meaning of life itself. But her analog cybornetic characters are’nt merely heavily steeped in romantic notions of love and longing or hatred and abuse, they mirror an ever increasing similarity with our dependance and merger with technology which pervades our lives without our even noticing anymore. Taillefer takes for granted this hybridization of man and machine almost as an afterthought, and focuses on the unchanging nature of our being which seems universal and eternal.

In Equivalence of Form she sets her sights on notions found in Hermetic Philosophy, bastion of secrecy to the most carefully guarded truisms about reality and the universe itself. A ferocious tiger looms large over iterations of itself below, twisting like a chain link as an analogy for God and our likeness to it’s image and being. Emanating from above it spirals downward through degrees of existence separated only by dissimilitude of perfection and purity until it reaches the coarsest and most base form of itself below, as human kind chasing it’s quarry. She inverses the nature of matter, where humanity is made up of the bulkiest, most massive  and heaviest machinery at the bottom, which lightens as it elevates until it reaches a more than microscopic scale in it’s most magnificent, powerful and expansive form as the Creator itself. Aggression, transformation, and release are themes marbled throughout the piece, while maintaining a constant reminder about our increasing and inevitable merger with technology, down to its most minute and invisible manifestations.

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